Commercial Artificial Grass

Arizona Artificial Lawns's unique product lineup provides ideal choices for high traffic settings and other challenges that commercial clients face.

Our commercial products have features to specifically address the unique needs of large scale projects that are not available in most artificial grass products.

Arizona Artificial Lawns has products that will allow you and your clients to:

  • Limit water use and save on water costs
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Use bio-based components
  • Become eligible for LEED credits
  • Use products with a Class A fire rating
  • Ensure ADA compliance
  • Not worry about reflective lighting from windows

We want to help your business improve its aesthetics and funtionality.  Our products will allow you to maintain a realistic, green appearance year round, while also allowing consistent use of the area. Many businesses report saving up to 80 percent on their water bills with our low maintenance grass, and still more report a complete return on their artificial grass investment in only two to three years. Call today to learn more about our business landscaping solutions. 623.584.1456.

Businesses looking for a way to “go green” will be pleased to learn about Arizona Artificial Lawns’s eco-friendly initiatives. Our commercial artificial grass backing is a biobased product that uses natural soybean oil to offset the polyurethane found in competitor’s products. We have also partnered with Yellowstone National Park to incorporate recycled plastics into eco-friendly grass backing.