Commercial Artificial Grass

Phoenix businesses love low maintenance grass from SYNLawn® Arizona. Get versatile, durable synthetic grass for your business that will look great year-round!

Curb appeal isn’t just about real estate value; it’s the impression customers get when they visit your business for the first time. A clean environment says your company cares about its reputation and takes pride in its work. Your company’s landscape can remain lush and green year-round with only minimal maintenance and care. That’s a smart business decision if we ever saw one.


Businesses looking for a way to “go green” will be pleased to learn about SYNLawn® Arizona’s eco-friendly initiatives. SYNLawn® is the first synthetic grass manufacturer to receive the USDA biobased label. Our commercial artificial grass backing is a biobased product that uses natural soybean oil to offset the polyurethane found in competitor’s products. We have also partnered with Yellowstone National Park to incorporate recycled plastics into eco-friendly grass backing.

Our products are made entirely in the U.S.A., so each purchase does more than build a better environment – SYNLawn® Arizona’s commercial artificial grass also helps the economy.

  • Savings on water bills
  • Reduced need for maintenance
  • Biobased product
  • specification in all CAD formats
  • IPEMA certified
  • Eligible for LEED credits
  • Class 1 fire rating certification
  • Handicap accessible
  • Meets weight structure guidelines
  • Can be used with Envirofill Infill
  • 15-year manufacturer’s warranty

SYNLawn® Arizona is all about helping your business save money. Our artificial grass eliminates the need for landscaping services to maintain the lawn on a regular basis. Many businesses report saving up to 60 percent on their water bills with our low maintenance grass, and still more report a complete return on their artificial grass investment in only two to three years. SYNLawn® Arizona keeps your green where it belongs: in your pocketbook. Call today to learn more about our business landscaping solutions. 623.584.1456