Pet Turf

Artificial Grass for Dogs

Pets love the natural look and feel of our artificial pet grass! SYNLawn® Arizona has safe, hygienic backyard pet solutions for dog lovers in the Valley.

Arizona is subject to extreme temperatures. The pads of your pet’s feet are sensitive and react quickly to hot pavement or rock. It’s not just a nicety to have a temperature-controlled surface for your pets when Arizona reaches higher temperatures; it’s the ethical thing to do. Brick, rock and cement all capture heat, which is unpleasant for pets to walk on. Our artificial pet grass has patented HeatBlock™ Technology for an attractive, temperature-controlled alternative that will keep pets safe and comfortable year-round.

You want the best for your pets, which is why we’ve made it a priority to create the safest, most hygienic pet grass in the industry. Our specialists make custom grass recommendations for your pet based on the size of your animal, the landscape itself, and the amount of time both you and your pet will spend there. Pets, just like humans, are prone to seasonal allergies. Our artificial pet grass helps reduce pollen exposure and eliminates the need for harmful pesticides and fertilizers which can get on your pet’s paws and cause irritation. It’s the perfect solution for pets who put themselves at risk by grazing on natural grass. And our artificial pet grass isn’t just for dogs – whether you have dogs, cats, parrots, or a rabbit, our artificial grass is the perfect way to spoil your pet.

Benefits of SYNLawn® Arizona’s pet grass include:

  • HeatBlock™ temperature control
  • Dirt & mud stay outside
  • No brown spots caused by urine
  • 30-inch per hour drainage rate
  • Flea & tick repellent
  • Zeofill odor control
  • Digging deterrent
  • Allergy reduction
  • Security upgrade options

Take advantage of our Zeofill crystals for odor control that can’t be beat! Zeofill is a 100 percent organic infill that uses naturally occurring minerals in sedimentary rocks to reduce pet odors and create a more pleasant look for your yard. The best part? Zeofill is completely safe for pets and children.

SYNLawn® Arizona knows what it means to be a pet owner. Get the best artificial grass for dogs and other pets with SYNLawn®! Call today for a free estimate and begin the journey toward a pet-friendly backyard. 623.584.1456