Scottsdale Artificial Grass

Discover all the benefits of artificial grass and custom turf putting greens in Scottsdale. It’s never been so easy to go green!

There is a struggle everyone with natural grass in Arizona must face: either water your grass nonstop and risk sky high water bills or let the grass die and opt for an unwelcoming rock landscape instead. What many people don’t know is there is a third option. You don’t have to sacrifice your lawn’s beauty to save water; just look to the experts at Arizona Artificial Lawns for a variety of artificial grass applications to keep your home or business green year-round.

Artificial grass is not just great for curb appeal – it’s actually pretty great for the planet, too. Our synthetic grass utilizes recycled plastics from Grand Teton National Park in California, as well as soybean oil from domestic farmers. In fact, our grass is made entirely in the U.S.A. because we don’t just believe in eco-friendly initiatives; we believe the future of a country lies in its people. 

Arizona Artificial Lawns offers a wide variety of services across Scottsdale:

  • Residential lawns
  • Commercial lawns
  • Indoor putting greens
  • Sports grass
  • Artificial pet turf
  • Playground turf
  • Wholesale grass

There has never been a better time to invest in artificial grass and turf landscaping solutions. Scottsdale is prime real estate and the city is expanding every day. A synthetic grass purchase is an investment in property values. It’s a way to maintain the sleek look of your home without sacrificing your day to lawn care and maintenance.

Take back your time and experience the freedom that comes with an artificial grass lawn in Scottsdale. Contact our expert representatives today! (623) 584-1456.