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How to Maintain & Care for Your Artificial Grass Lawn

Once you choose a beautiful artificial lawn for your home or business in Phoenix, AZ, you’ll need to know how to maintain and care for it. Arizona Artificial Lawns installs artificial grass for residential and commercial properties in North Phoenix, including Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, AZ. Synthetic turf is an excellent choice for lawns because it requires little care and maintenance. Home and business owners love synthetic grass because it looks beautiful year-round and is easy to maintain. Keep reading to find out how to care for your artificial turf. Get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like to get your artificial grass installation quote.

Tips for Caring For Your Artificial Lawn

Check out the following tips for keeping your synthetic grass clean, caring for your artificial lawn, and to help the turf last longer in Arizona:

  • Clearing Debris – Just like any other type of yard, fallen leaves and branches and trash will land on your artificial grass. Use a blower or plastic-tined rake to perform a light pass over your lawn. Avoid disturbing the infill and only remove debris from the top of your artificial grass surface.
  • Cleaning up After Pets – We highly recommend artificial grass for dogs, but you need to know how to clean up your artificial turf in Phoenix. Cleaning up after your pets with a synthetic lawn is somewhat similar to cleaning up a traditional grass yard. Clean up solid waste by picking it up and removing it from the area. To clean liquid waste from pets, hose down your lawn. You may also want to disinfect it, and we carry products that are specifically designed to disinfect areas of your artificial lawn where pets frequent to mitigate odors while keeping the area sanitary.
  • Dealing with Stains – Life happens, and many things can potentially stain your lawn. Drinks being spilled, plates being dropped, or pets leaving their mark can all cause stains. You can clean up soda, alcohol, coffee, tea, urine, and blood by blotting the liquid using a towel or a dry and absorbent kitty litter. Mix water and household detergent to rinse the area. You can use up to a 3% solution of ammonia in water for stronger stains. More stubborn stains such as grease, oil, ink, or crayon can be cleaned up with mineral spirits. Really sticky stuff such as chewing gum or tree sap can be cleaned using dry ice or aerosol refrigerants to freeze the debris before scraping it off.
  • Regular Maintenance for Long Life – In addition to spills, pet stains, and more, your artificial lawn requires some routine maintenance to maximize its lifespan. Your artificial turf lawn should last 15 to 25 years if you take care of it. Remove debris on a regular basis and rinse your lawn regularly.
  • Purchase the Right Equipment – You’ll want to invest in a few essential tools for your artificial lawn. You may already have some of these items around the house. A garden hose can help you rinse off your lawn. Leak blowers or lawn vacuums can remove fallen leaves, and a rake can keep the fibers fresh and unmatted.
  • Set Weekly & Monthly Schedules – The best way to go about maintaining your artificial grass is by setting a weekly and monthly lawn maintenance schedule. Spray down your lawn once a week. Each month, remove dust, leaves, and other debris using a stiff brush.

Schedule Artificial Grass Installation Today

Now that you can see how easy it is to care for artificial lawns in AZ, it’s time to call Arizona Artificial Lawns for artificial turf installation. We are happy to answer your questions or give you tips about caring for your artificial turf. Contact us today to get your quote for Phoenix artificial grass installation.