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Extend the Longevity of Artificial Grass in Phoenix, AZ

Artificial grass is designed to help your lawn look fresh and gorgeous for many years. Arizona Artificial Lawns offers tips to help make your artificial grass last longer in Phoenix, AZ. We love the low maintenance and look of synthetic grass. Your property can be lush and green throughout the year for decades if you take care of it properly. Our synthetic yard products come with a 15-year warranty, so our tips should help your artificial grass have a long and healthy life. Contact us today to learn more about our artificial grass selections.

What Damages Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass is easy to maintain but can get damaged. The most common ways artificial turf is damaged and how to prevent the problems include:

  • Excessive Weight – Extreme weight, like parking your vehicle on your artificial turf, can cause damage. It’s important to keep heavy objects off of your synthetic turf.
  • Sparks – Outdoor fireplaces and grills near your synthetic turf can cause artificial grass products to melt. It’s essential to keep these products away from your grass. Never smoke cigars or cigarettes near your artificial grass. 
  • Sharp Edges – Sharp objects can grab and pull parts of your grass.
  • Reflected Sunlight – Artificial lawns are naturally resistant to high levels of ultraviolet radiation but reflected rays can magnify sunlight to the point that fiber melting can occur.  If reflective lighting is a concern, consider a nylon fiber product from Arizona Artificial Lawns. 
  • Installation Over Natural Grass – If you install artificial grass over natural grass, it could cause the natural grass to decompose at an uneven rate and lead to bumps and peaks.

How to  restore matted Turf

If your synthetic yard starts to mat, we’ll help you rejuvenate it. It’s natural for artificial yards to lose some of their natural appearance with heavy traffic. The best way to keep it in excellent condition is regular maintenance. Light grooming with a soft brush or broom keeps your turf fibers upright and looking fresh.

Best Artificial Turf Maintenance Tips

You should perform routine maintenance on your artificial turf to ensure its long lifespan. The best artificial turf maintenance tips include the following:

  • Remove Debris – You can easily remove dirt and debris from your artificial turf by spraying it with a garden hose and using a broom to sweep it away.
  • Clean Pet Waste – It’s essential to clean away pet waste by spraying the areas with a household cleaner, rinsing it away with your garden hose, or scrubbing the area with a stiff-bristled brush.
  • Clean Adhesives – You can remove gum or glue with dry ice or aerosol refrigerants, then scrape them off the grass.
  • Remove Stains – Mild stains can easily be removed with a household cleaner. Major stains can be removed with a mild detergent and brush.

Choosing the Best

Arizona Artificial Lawns is one of the few artificial grass companies that is certified by the Synthetic Turf Council. We are one of the only installation companies in the world utilizing BioCel polyurethane coating. With evaporative cooling infills and heat reduction technology, you know you’re getting the best with our artificial grass installation.

Contact Arizona Artificial Lawns Today

Artificial grass should last for decades if it is taken care of properly. Our selection of superior synthetic grass will help your Arizona lawn look extraordinary. You can enjoy your lawn for many years with a little maintenance and extra care. Since 2003, we’ve helped thousands of residents and business owners boost the look and feel of their lawns. Contact us for a free design consultation.