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Installing Artificial Turf in Phoenix

Arizona Artificial Lawns is Phoenix’s premier artificial turf supplier. We ensure your residential or commercial contract is completed on time with our exemplary products. We offer the best synthetic turf on the market with our high-quality grass solutions. Our experienced team is here to share some artificial lawn installation tips to ensure your turf is perfectly installed. Contact us today to learn more!

Remove Natural Grass

It’s critical to remove your natural grass and start fresh. If you install artificial grass on top of the grass, you’re asking for trouble down the road. You should remove the top four inches of your lawn and base and dispose of it.

Add Base

Spread two tothree inches of aggregate over the area. The aggregate helps to create a level platform with correct drainage. Wetting the area to create as smooth a base as possible is essential.

Lay Turf

Roll out your artificial turf, and be careful not to drag it across the base. Let it sit for about an hour in the sun to acclimate. The tuft rows and blades should all face the same way. Use the carpet kicker to stretch the turf into place.

Cut Edges

Think of cutting edges like trimming the carpet around the edges of a room. You can use a box cutter and start to cut from the back.

Cutting Around Hardscaping

When you need to cut around rocks or hardscaping, start from the center of the rock. Make small slits around it as you keep the turf right against the rock’s edge. You want the turf to lay flat on the ground without any wrinkles.

Secure the Perimeter

Secure these edges with landscape nails, or seam tape and glue. You can easily tuck in the board and place turf nails every six inches.

Spread & Brush Infill

It’s important to add the correct infill amount for optimal artificial lawn performance. Use a drop spreader to ensure an even amount of infill. We recommend brushing the turf to ensure the blades stand straight up before adding infill to create a vertical blade memory.

Why Choose Arizona Artificial Lawns?

Arizona Artificial Lawns is certified by the Synthetic Turf Council. We produce almost all of our artificial lawn solutions. We can help you find the best synthetic turf type for your project. We offer evaporative cooling infills, soy-based BioCel polyurethane coating, and heat reduction technology in our products.

Contact Arizona Artificial Lawns Today

Kick back and relax to enjoy your new artificial lawn installation. We’re always here to answer questions and offer tips on maintaining your synthetic yards. Since 2003, we’ve served Phoenix with superior artificial lawn products. Our experienced team can help you through the process of installing and maintaining your artificial lawn. Contact us for a free design consultation!