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About Arizona Artificial Lawns

Arizona Artificial Lawns is one of the longest operating artificial grass distribution and installation companies in the country. We have been able to have sustained success by offering the most advanced products in the artificial grass market at fantastic prices and by providing expert installations.

We are one of the few artificial grass companies in Arizona that is certified by the Synthetic Turf Council, the governing body for artificial grass companies in the US. We also have a hand in the development of every product we sell.

artificial grass in Phoenix

Some of the Distinguishing Features of Our Products:

  • Heat reduction technology in the fiber that reduces surface temperature
  • Evaporative cooling infills
  • Soy-based BioCel coating that replaces petroleum component with soy
  • Antimicrobials infused in the backing to help mitigate pet odors
  • Nylon products that will not melt from reflective lighting off windows
  • Playground systems that are very durable and have a 10’ fall rating

Our Company Prides Itself in Delivering the Best in Artificial Grass

Whether you are a homeowner, a business owner, a facilities manager, golf enthusiast, or pet owner, we have a system that will address your project’s needs.

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