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We Have Products for All Commercial Applications

Our extensive product line and expert installation crews at Arizona Artificial Lawns can provide your clients or your business with the perfect artificial turf solution to suit your specific project. We have products specifically designed for high traffic areas, areas with reflective light concerns, golf practice, rooftops, dining areas, sports applications, putting greens, pet parks, playgrounds, and batting cages. Our knowledgeable team is ready to help you with the challenges of any project, and they are the reason we have been Phoenix’s trusted artificial grass installer since 2003. Please reach out to us today to find the best product for your commercial project.


Benefits of Choosing Artificial Turf

Natural grass will always cost more money to maintain than artificial turf. To care for natural grass, you’ll need to install an expensive watering system, pull weeds, and mow the lawn frequently. Whether you hire a professional landscaper or do it yourself, it’s a significant time and monetary investment. With synthetic grass, you can save up to 70% on your monthly water bill without ever having to water or cut your grass. We stay up to date on the latest product technology to provide you with the unique features available in the industry, including BioCel coating, heat reduction technology in the yarns, heat resistant yarns, and three-dimensional cross-sections. We carry:

  • Densely constructed products for high traffic areas
  • Systems with a 10′ fall rating for playgrounds
  • ADA compliant systems
  • Heat resistant products for use in areas with reflective lighting
  • Flow-through products for pet installations
  • Economical products to mitigate water consumption

Types of Applications for Your Artificial Turf

At Arizona Artificial Lawns, we have helped countless commercial clients with project-specific designs to save them money while attracting new customers to their establishment. Our experienced and knowledgeable team has all of the skills and right equipment to handle standard and custom installation projects to meet your needs. Some of the projects we have worked on include:

Planned residential communities
Rooftops and balconies
Putting greens and golf greens
Parks and sports fields
Pet areas
Commercial landscaping turf
Retail shops

Improve Your Initial Impression and Save Money

Installing low-maintenance artificial turf will improve the look of your business while helping to save you money on landscaping services and utilities. As a leader in synthetic grass, our products are engineered to last and are back by our industry-leading 15-year warranty. Our knowledgeable and experienced design and installation teams have worked with Phoenix’s leading businesses. Speak with us today, and we will design an artificial grass surface that meets the needs of your business. Get started with a free design consultation.

Schedule a Free Design Consultation Today