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The Benefits of Artificial Grass for Your Home or Business in Phoenix

Everyone wants to have a beautiful lush, green lawn for their home or business in Phoenix, AZ. However, achieving the perfect yard in the desert climate of North Phoenix can be pretty challenging. Instead of spending hours of time and lots of money on upkeep for your natural grass lawn, your best solution is to install artificial grass. The team at Arizona Artificial Lawns installs residential artificial lawns, commercial synthetic turf for parks, apartment communities, sports fields, putting greens, and more. We would be happy to help you achieve the beautiful green space you desire through synthetic grass. Keep reading to learn about the many benefits of artificial turf, and get in touch with us to get your quote.

Exploring the Benefits of Artificial Lawns

If you’re considering artificial grass installation from Arizona Artificial Lawns, you should understand all the benefits it can offer you. Find out why artificial turf in Phoenix is an excellent choice:

  • Environmentally Friendly – Artificial turf is a lot more eco-friendly than natural grass. Taking care of real grass is time-consuming and requires regular watering, mowing, and fertilizing. All of these activities have hazardous impacts on our environment. Artificial turf installation for your home or business can help you reduce your carbon footprint while conserving water.
  • No Need for Chemicals – Maintaining a natural lawn requires chemicals to keep weeds and bugs away. Those pesticides and herbicides often contain harmful ingredients that can pose health risks to your family or visitors and potentially contaminate your water supply. Turf lawns eliminate the need to use harsh chemicals and will keep the weeds and pests away.
  • Drought Resistant – Real grass requires a lot of water, or it will turn brown and ugly in a hurry. Scottsdale and Paradise Valley are very dry areas, so your natural lawn needs plenty of water. On the other hand, artificial grass does not need to be watered and is drought resistant. Your turf will remain green and lush even during the hot and dry summers.
  • Minimal Upkeep Costs – Natural lawns require a lot of time and money, but artificial lawns in AZ don’t. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on water, fertilizer, and other chemicals.
  • Always Looks Great – If you have natural grass, high foot traffic can result in bare spots and an unpleasant appearance. Artificial grass is very resilient and can handle lots of traffic while looking great.
  • No Mud or Puddles – Phoenix artificial grass installation means you won’t have to worry about mud or puddles when it rains or from sprinkler systems. Your dog won’t track mud into the house if you have synthetic grass.
  • Safe for Children and Pets – If you’ve been wondering about artificial grass for dogs, you’ll be happy to know it’s an excellent option. Artificial turf prevents the spread of bacteria and germs, so your kids or pets won’t be exposed to fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals.

Contact Us to Schedule Installation

Arizona Artificial Lawns would be happy to help you learn more about the benefits and costs of artificial grass. We install turf for homes, businesses, and community parks throughout the area. Our experts can provide an estimate for the cost of installing durable and beautiful turf. Contact us today to get started.