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When most people think of artificial grass they think of the green, carpet-like material that is hard and matted down. What most people don’t realize is that artificial grass is now created to resemble popular grasses like Bermuda, Fescue, Bluegrass, Rye, and Zoysia and is becoming a cost-effective solution for home and business owners alike. Since artificial grass is a newer option, the first question most people ask of Arizona Artificial Lawns is “Isn’t artificial grass a lot more expensive than sod?” With the advances in technology, the answer is no longer “Yes.”

Factors Related to Cost?

Whether you are choosing traditional sod or artificial grass there are several factors that go into the price. Both surfaces are based on the square footage that will be covered with both products sold in sections; whether that be grass mats for sod or rolls for artificial grass. Your installation company will want to know if the area you want to cover is flat and square or undulating, terraced, or has irregular corners and how accessible the area is to the street. A traditional sod company will also ask about the need for an irrigation system. A company that installs artificial grass will also ask what type of material you would like the grass to be? What blade shape do you prefer? Would you prefer a pet-friendly artificial grass?

Post-Installation Costs

The difference in the cost post-installation is one of the major factors more people are choosing to install artificial grass.


Once the sod is installed it will need heavy watering on a daily basis to make sure sod doesn’t die. Even with heavy, daily watering sections of the sod will die and need to be replaced with new sod. Traditional sod will also have the ongoing expenses of lawn maintenance equipment, fertilization, spraying for weeds, and irrigation and lawn equipment repairs.

Artificial Turf

The majority of the cost of artificial turf is upfront because the post-installation costs for installing artificial turf only include: replacements turf stakes, a stiff broom, and water for a light watering when the surface needs to be rinsed off. You may also choose to spread odor-absorbing crystals for your pets if you so desire.

The Numbers

All this is great, but what do traditional sod and artificial grass cost? To install the average 500 square foot traditional sod yard it will be $655 with approximately $931 more per year to water, fertilize, and service your yard for a total of $1,596 the first year. To install the average 500 square foot artificial grass yard it will be $6,165 with no additional costs. That’s a stark difference after the first year, but after year 6, the artificial grass yard begins to pay for itself. After 12 years, the traditional sod yard will have cost you $11,837 and the artificial grass yard will have cost you $6,165. These numbers are averages, but the longer you will be in your home, the more it pays to choose artificial grass.