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Arizona Artificial Lawns Provides Synthetic Turf 

Arizona Artificial Lawns is proud to be your premier provider for artificial grass services for North Phoenix, AZ areas, including Scottsdale and Paradise Valley. We provide superior synthetic turf for your residential and commercial properties. Whether you want a large artificial turf area in your backyard, create an entertaining golf putting green, or need a synthetic commercial lawn to help save water, we’re here for you. Arizona Artificial Lawns offers our service areas of North Phoenix some of the most innovative synthetic grass products in the market at affordable prices. We pride ourselves in being one of the only artificial grass companies in Arizona certified by the Synthetic Turf Council.

Benefits Of Arizona Artificial Lawns

We proudly serve North Phoenix, AZ communities with our stunningly beautiful and natural-looking artificial grass products. Our synthetic grass products can be used with Envirofill Infill, meet weight structure guidelines, have a Class 1 fire rating certification, and help you be eligible for LEED credits. Other benefits of our products include:

  • Heat Reduction Technology –Our unique heat reduction technology helps your turf maintain heat from the sun, delivering cooler surface temperatures.
  • Recyclable –Made in the USA with renewable and recyclable components, our artificial turf products reduce your carbon footprint.
  • BioCel™ Technology –BioCel™ technology is made with bio-based polymers instead of petroleum-based polymers.
  • Water Conservation –You can save up to 80% on your water bill with artificial lawns.

Residential Artificial Turf Installation

We offer premier residential artificial turf installation to North Phoenix residents. Our most common artificial turf installations include:

  • Landscaping –We’ll help beautify your home, boost curb appeal, and save water with artificial turf landscaping projects. From patio turf to entire lawns, we’ll ensure a stunning area.
  • Putting Greens –Practice your golf skills on one of our natural-looking putting greens. A putting green is a great way to relax after a long day.

We also install pet turf areas for your furry friends, playground synthetic turf, and more. Contact us for all your residential artificial turf needs in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley.

Commercial Properties Artificial Turf 

Our synthetic lawn offers our service areas a way to conserve money and save the effort of regular lawn maintenance. The most commercial property artificial turn installations for Northern Phoenix include:

  • Office Parks –We understand your tenants expect the grounds to look spectacular, so we’ll install synthetic turn looks authentic and reduce constant maintenance needs.
  • Gyms –Training facilities and gyms enjoy our artificial grass installation for agility training. Our turf can be constructed with additional cushioning.

Why Choose Arizona Artificial Lawns?

Arizona Artificial Lawns is the best choice in Northern Phoenix for synthetic yard products. We create almost all we sell at our manufacturing facilities in Georgia. Most of our products have an extensive 15-year warranty. Check out our multiple types of artificial lawn solutions for your every need.

Contact Arizona Artificial Lawns Today 

Since 2003, we’ve served Northern Phoenix, Arizona communities with innovative, stunning artificial turf solutions. Our knowledge of our wide range of products ensures you’ll have the best type of synthetic turf to meet your needs. If you’re ready to find out how we can serve you in Arizona, contact us now for a free design consultation!